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Platypnoea and Central Airway Obstruction as a Result of a Large Endotracheal Ma

Armin Krvavac, Tarang Patel, Ethan Karle, Mohammed Alnijoumi

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Cocaine-Induced Vasculiti

Swati Govil

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The Tracheal Bronchus: A Malformation Far from being Anecdotal

Flore Amat, Guillaume Labbé, Carole Egron, André Labbé

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Jejunal Intussusception from Polypoid Formation of Primary Intestinal Lymphoma in Crohn’s Disease: Case Report and Literature Review

Giungato S*, De Luca GM, Borrello G, Mazzoccoli G, Marangi G, Piscitelli D, Scoletta C and Pepe AS

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