Authors Instructions

We assure for the authors a strict peer review process with qualified editorial board members as well as reviewers. The authors should submit original articles towards the journal and it should not publish elsewhere. The journal publishes all the articles related to the field of medicine. It is a quarterly journal that publishes articles such as Research, Review, Mini review, Short communications, Case reports, and Image article etc.


Editorial article are a brief summary of the article which has already published or it can be on current research topic.

Letter to Editor

The letter is written by the reader to the editors. The correct information is added as in the previous article. It is the duty of the author to correct their work. It shouldn’t be divided into sections and it also needs a pre-review like others.


The authors can give their suggestion. It basically includes the opinion of the author. The amount of data should be less and doesn’t include any conclusion, method, introduction, and references.

Review Article

Review article is a brief article which explains and summarize about a topic for better understanding. It reviews the previously published articles but not new techniques, analysis and data. Review article may be a survey article. Review article may be two types which are narrow and systematic. Narrow reviews are written easily in readable format and understandable whereas systematic reviews are the types of literature review which analyse the previous published papers which helps in evaluations of the results.

Research Article

The name itself indicates an original work carried out with own analysis, data with the help of previously published article. It includes abstract, key words, Materials and Methods involved in the research, Results and discussions, Acknowledgments, Future aspects and References. The research should be original and should not publish anywhere else. Abstract should be of 300 words and 7-10 keywords. Tables, Graphs and images which supports the data should be included. Funding information must and should be provided with the grant numbers.

Case Report

A report that reports about the signs, symptoms, treatment, and diagnosis and outcome of the treatments about a patient. Case reports may be narrative reviews. Case reports types may associated with the disease and symptoms, observation and treating a patient, pathogenesis of disease and its effects, disease unique and rare features and therapeutic approaches. Authors need to submit their work in word document (2003,2007,2010,2016).

Author Instructions 

Cover letter

While submitting manuscript author has to submit cover letter, it should include the title of manuscript, to which journal it corresponds to, state approval of co-authors for manuscript submission and if any competing interests. We advised to declare that manuscript is not submitted/published elsewhere.

Author Information

We request authors to provide complete information like Name, Department, College, University, Country, Telephone Number, Fax Number and Corresponding email id.


Please provide 4-10 keywords and should separated by Semilolon (;)

Ex: Cancer; Tumor; Cell


Please provide abbreviated terms and should be separated by semicolon(;)

Ex: CT: Chemotherapy; BG: Blood Group


The manuscript should contain an abstract relevant to manuscript and should not exceed 300 words. The abstract should not have citations and images.


Provide concise information without subheadings.

Materials and Methods

Authors need to provide the detailed information of the study research work.

Results and Discussion

It should describe the output results of the research work carried out and discussions relevant to study.


This section should provide important findings/conclusions of the work and its significance.


Authors need to cite only published articles, books, reports, conferences and internet URLs. Citation of the references should follow numerical series. All the references should cite them in text part by reference number within the square brackets [1]. If multiple references are cited in the same text, they should be separate by comma [1,2]. If sequential citations are there, they should be given as range [1,6-9,15].


Zheng H, Orsini N, Amin J, et al. Quantifying the dose-response of walking in reducing coronary heart disease risk: meta-analysis. Eur J Epidemiol 2009;24:181-92. (Published article).

WHO. Global recommendations on physical activity for health. 2010 (Reports).

Kantarjian HM, Wolff RA. Adult acute myeloid leukemia. In: Edmonson KG, Pancotti R, (ed.), The MD Anderson manual of medical oncology. (2nd edn.), McGraw-Hill Education; 2016. (Book)


Authors need to submit tables with the legends in word document. The table should be well designed, clear in content with all borders and center alignment. Please cite the table in the text part (Table 1).


Authors need to submit figures with figure legends. Figures should be sent in JPEG, TIFF, word document formats with high resolution and cite the figures in the text part (Figure 1).