Terms & Conditions

1. The Scimaze Pvt ltd. is known among the best publishing groups. The journal is internationally known as the journal that works on work and publishing ethics. There are certain terms and conditions for the same.

2. Scimaze is a platform that provides free access to the users to our published articles. Any part of the published articles can be used by properly mentioning the citation and by asking permission from the journal in advance.

3. Scimaze is a convenient journal for the users. The users can easily use this open access journal but while using any text, images or any other webpage content; written permission has to be taken from the journal.

4. The Scimaze Pvt ltd. is an open access publishing company that is properly registered. The company owns the name and the logo. The name and the logo of the company cannot be used without the consent of the company.

5. The company Scimaze has every right to suspend or terminate the user access to this site without any notice in advance.

6. The publications that are published in the Scimaze are copyrighted. These publications are licensed by their respective authors. If any third party wants to use an article in these publications, then proper citation of the article has to be made. The proper source of the article should be properly mentioned keeping in mind the rules and regulations mentioned in the Creative Commons Attribution Licence.

7. The Scimaze Pvt ltd. ensures that the safety of the authors is given a priority. The authors are never expected to share their personal details. The uploading of your bio-data, contact number, and email id are completely the choice of the author.

8. The information that is shared by the users is kept safe. Scimaze has adapted several phenomena like the 100% hack proof method. The journal cannot be held responsible for the loss or theft of the data.

9. The page of the website of Scimaze contains many advertisements. The company has no concern with the content of the advertising material that is shared on the website.

10. Once the payment has been made to Scimaze it cannot be refunded. The payment is made keeping in mind all the terms and conditions of the company. The company cannot be blamed for the payment done.

11. The terms and conditions can be revised or deleted by the company anytime. Scimaze is authorized to make any amendment to the terms and conditions of the company.

12. The staff and the editorial board of Scimaze cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss to any person’s property. The staff cannot be held responsible for any matter of product liability, negligence or due to any advertisement. Due to any sort of matter present on the website, the staff and the company cannot be blamed.

13. Scimaze has no warranty of certain things. The company never gave the site will be present on a timely basis with the uninterrupted and secure network. The company gave no surety of the appearance of the site on the error-free basis. No commitments are being made that the company will meet the requirements of the clients and the result obtained after using the site or any services that are provided by Scimaze will be accurate and reliable.