Scimaze Anaesthesia & Pain Management is an open access peer reviewed journal that deals with the global research on the anesthesia and pain management which improves the life for those who are suffering from the chronic pain. It is the medical practice which mainly focus on anaesthesia (Sensation Loss) and anaesthetics (Substances which helps in loss of Sensation). The journal aims to publish articles on quarterly basis.

Journal publishes original research works, review articles, case reports and clinical images etc., within the scope such as Regional and Local anaesthesia, Sedation, Anaesthesia drugs, Analgesics, Cardio thoracic and Dental anaesthesia, Nerve blocks, Spinal Anaesthesia, Inflammatory Pain, Neuropathic and Muscular pain, Pain Medicine and Management, Head ache, Acupuncture, etc.

The Journal publishes articles with a strict peer review process which will be handled by editor who is expert in the relevant field. Based on the peer review process and reviewers comments on the article the editorial board will take decision for the approval and further procedures.

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