Scimaze Gastroenterology & Hepatology is an open access peer reviewed journal that deals with the digestive system, liver and its disorders. Journal mainly focuses on the diseases affecting gastrointestinal tract that includes mouth to anus including alimentary canal and liver related diseases such as hepatitis, liver cancers, liver cirrhosis, and gall bladder problems.

The journal publishes original research works, review articles, Case reports and Clinical images etc. The Journal aims to publish articles on quarterly basis. It covers Gastrointestinal Bleeding, Gastric cancers, Ulcers, Endoscopy, Digestive Enzymes, Colonoscopy, Stool Test, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Pancreas Study and Anatomy, Hepatic Duct, Pancreatectomy, Liver Function Test, Bile Salts and Acids, etc.

The Journal publishes articles with a strict peer review process which will be handled by editor who is expert in the relevant field. Based on the peer review process and reviewers comments on the article the editorial board will take decision for the approval and further procedures.

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